Current Status

April 28, 2006

This is my first login to this website since year 2000 so you can imagine what the state of Phortify is currently. It's OLD, OUTDATED, and should not be used. If you'd like to bug the guy who in theory works on Phortify then email me at: where if my first name was john and last name smith it would be but my name is actually philip olson. Bored, so maybe this wordy spam technique will work :)

Before I or anyone actually creates code for Phortify a plan will have to be made. Some initial thoughts:
  • Require PHP 4.1.0+ [i]
  • Work on IIS, and Apache, and hopefully all web servers
  • Work with most php.ini settings including but not limited to:
    • magic_quotes_gpc on/off [i]
    • register_globals on/off [i]
    • safe_mode on/off [i]
    • various session directives [i]
    • mbstring safe [i]
  • Works on PHP versions greater than 4.1.0, including PHP 5/6
  • Options for HTTP Auth, and/or PHP Sessions [i]
  • Surely other conditions exist

back to the old site: but do note that:

The Links Below are OLD from year 2000, DO NOT USE THEM

Phortify began from an article on phpbuilder and is turning into it's own User Authentication system on sourceforge.

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Phortify is open source, and utilizes php and sql database. - Phortify is GPL.